Boohoo.com Haul

Friday was payday so I treated myself to some (online) retail therapy.

I have a wardrobe bulging with clothes and to be honest I basically wear the same handful of outfits over and over. For some strange reason I still struggle to throw the clothes out. Some of it is due to the original financial investment so I cant get rid of them, others arw due to the (unreasonable) sentimental attachment I seem to give to inanimate objects. Either way the end result is a wardrobe full of clothes and no room to store more.

So of course I bought more. I was looking into the idea of a capsule wardrobe and I found I was missing a few items, so instead of working with what I had, I jumped in and bought more. I know its ridiculous. Moving on… here’s a couple of items I bought.


1. Anna Deep V Neck Woven Vest

I do like a V neck as I have a very short neck so I feel it gives me more space. This also seemed versatile and would go with skirts, jeans and trousers. I’m looking forward to see what the material / quality is like for this one as in the image it does look a little thin

2. Petite Hannah Ponte Wrap Front Duster Jacket

I follow Miss EJ Louie on Youtube and she tends to have duster style jackets in a lot of her outfits. I didn’t have one so thought this would be great. I was hoping the waterfall would look good on me as a lot of long line blazers just don’t work with my lack of defined shoulder

3. Geneva Pleated Slinky Midi Skirt

This is another Miss Louie inspired item. I’ve always wanted one of these and I’m hoping the length is right for a shorty like me.

4. Annie Crepe Pocket Tie Waist Mini Skirt

I’m super excited about this skirt. It look like it has all the elements I’d like in a skirt and would go with lots of different tops. And I love a bow!


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