Dorothy Perkins Sale Haul

So I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled across the Dorothy Perkins website but when i did they had a pretty decent sale on. So I bought a few things.

Firstly after checking out and paying – I got an email to say that 2 of the items I wanted weren’t in stock. I was a bit disappointed but then seen before they refunded me for the items they didn’t have, the proceeded to make a second charge on my card for the full amount minus the out of stock items… not a good start.

Anyway – here’s what I bought and my thoughts on each. As you can see they’re pretty basic – I’m trying out this capsule wardrobe thing a little late to the party!

DP Haul

  1. Ivory Tab Roll Sleeve Shirt – €13
    • This shirt looks great on the website but is a bit snug for me in the bust area. This will be returned
  2. Stripe Print Tie Side Jumper – €13
    • As we’ve had the longest heatwave in 30 years in Ireland the past couple of weeks, a jumper is really the last thing on my mind but this looked nice. its very soft and I love the pop of colour at the bottom. Unsure about this but for the price, I think I’ll keep it.
  3. Ivory Collarless Roll Sleeve Shirt – €9
    • I love me a v-neck top. My wedding dress was even v neck. i have a short neck so feel this helps a lot. I like this but the roll tab sleeves are a bit funky. Oh and it was missing a button. If I go to the shop to return other pieces i may see of they have it in my size there for a swap. It does come with a spare button though but would rather half a complete top from the start!
  4. Blue ‘Harper’ Jeans – €13
    • I should have started with these. These jeans are perfect! Great fit and just the right rise on them. The wash is a little lighter than the picture but they were reduced from €32 to €13 so I definitely got a bargain here. I will be looking out for more washes of this style in future.
  5. Petite Navy Sleeveless Shirt – €6.50
    • This whole batch of clothes seems to lie on the side of “I’m not sure”. There’s something about this that’s not sitting right – I think its the neckline – but at €6.50 I could just be being fussy!
  6. Petite Indigo Wash Shorts – €9
    • I got these in advance of our Disney trip in November. My guess will be that it will be hard to get summer clothes for a reasonable price then so I picked these up. These I like! The colour is great and the fit is great. Its hard to get nice shorts that aren’t showing off your cheeks!

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