News: Disneyland Paris Expansion

To say I am excited about these plans is an understatement.

I read last year that Walt Disney Company had taken a majority share in Euro Disney SCA, the company that owns Disneyland Paris. When I heard this, I knew big plans were on the horizon and on Tuesday, it all became clear.

D23 park expansion

Beginning in 2021 Disneyland Paris will see new additions to the Walt Disney Studios Park. Behind the newest addition, the Toy Story area, this awesome new expansion will contain 3 new areas dedicated to: Marvel, Star Wars and Frozen. It will have new multiple new attractions and live entertainment experiences. As you can see form the picture there will also be the addition of a new lake that will act as the connection to the new areas.

Disneyland Paris is currently celebrating its 25th Anniversary and its great to see that new life will be injected into the parks. This is the first Disney Park outside of America that Disney will have full ownership of so the possibilities for the future are huge!

I cannot wait for these plans to come to fruition. I’ll be keeping my ear out for any further updates and concept art and will keep you posted.

**Concept art pic borrowed from d23.com


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