Disney Planning 2.0: Choosing dates

Originally the plan for this years holiday was a Trip to Disneyland Paris for a few days to coincide with the sate we got engaged there a few years ago, which would have been September.

My OH suggested instead we go back to Walt Disney World Florida instead! (one of the many reasons why I married him!)

We’ve been to Disney Paris a few times, always around September/ October. I don’t really like the sun (or it doesn’t like me) and that’s when its usually quieter and less expensive. Our Honeymoon was in September of last year for this reason. This means that we’ve either experiences Disney when they’re in between themes or when its Halloween. OH suggested that this trip, why not go when it Christmas time for a change. His Birthday is in December so I was surprised by the idea but it sounded wonderful, so that’s what we hope to do.

After a bit of research I’ve found that the Christmas decorations go up towards the end of November and stay up until the beginning of January. I was still in Disney withdrawal when we came home last year in October and as far as I remember as soon as the last Halloween party was over – the new decorations started to go up.

We’d like to actually spend Christmas at home with family so that rules that week out. Also we don’t like to go when its too crowded either. This has previously meant that there have been some ride closures (*sob* Splash mountain *sob*) but that’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make. Oh and celebrating Christmas too early kinda spoils it for the big day. Lots of conditions isn’t there!

disney world crowd calendars 2018

I looked at a few Disney Crowd Calendars online and although I know they can’t actually predict the future – we’ve decided on booking for in and around the last week of November or first week in December, for 2 weeks. All the calendars I’ve looked at seem to have most days between a 4 – 6 out of 10 for crowd levels. Here’s a few I checked out (all open in a new window):

Undercover Tourist

Dad’s Guide to WDW

WDW Prep School

These calendars give an overview of the days and looking at them you kind of get an idea of the crowd levels foretasted. Hope these help you in planning your Dates. Next up – Shopping around for the best deal.

Talk soon!


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