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New Year-ish Declaration

Apologies in the lateness of the New year thing. I’ve been unwell with Vertigo and unable to function for a while there! but here we are now.. better late than never!

Each year I do  the stereotypical New Year, New Me nonsense. Every year I’m lucky if i make it into February remembering what New Me even set upon achieving.

I’m keeping it simple this year! Just 2 things.

1. I declare to the world that I shall be taking no nonsense from other people any more!

Obviously being a Disney fanatic, Nonsense could be my middle name. Here I’m taking the meaning of the word Nonsense to be… erm.. well… basically… bullshit!

I’m would be what most would call a pretty shy, people pleaser. I nod and smile and rarely stand up for myself. I smile when I’m happy and I smile when I’m annoyed. Those close to me tell me its a bit scary but the outside world doesn’t really know the difference… “There she goes always smiling!. It doesn’t really sound like a bad thing but it does mean that when I’m unhappy with a situation I just go along with it and kept smiling. I’m going to try to change this year. Not the being happy or the smiling a lot but standing up for myself bit.

I shall no longer be a push over. I have as much right to opinions and things as the next person.

2. Self Love

Mind out of the gutter peoples!! By this i mean I don’t have to wait until such & such a time until i deserve things. I can be happy now. I can take the risk now. I don’t have to wait until I weigh less or look better in photos. From looking back at photos I’ve learned that if I had of copped on the first time i didn’t go somewhere cause i was too fat I would have had way more fun. And i wasn’t even fat then. I’d give a lot to weigh what i did the first time I joined a slimming club. Nope – the time is now! Life is short – too short. I need to love and accept myself as I am now regardless of what I weigh, what size I am in clothes, whether my hair is perfect or i have the perfect outfit, not worrying about what others think of me and just getting on with it and going out there. Deep down i know everyone is too self involved to even care what I look like and even if they do care – what difference does it make to me. “Adventure is out there” and being cooped up in the house for the last 6 weeks has taught me that there’s no time like the present!


That’s it.. Rant over. Thanks for listening – Talk soon!


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