Disney Planning 2.0

So we’ve decided to go back to Disney World this year. Previously we were going to wait until at least 2019 – 2020 when Toy Story and Star wars additions were completed but I’ve decided I might go back to college. There’s a few hurdles to jump through first so its not a definite. If miracles happen it will be expensive so this will be the last year for a while we will probably have any money to even dream about going to Disney.

So this time I will actually document the planning process as I meant to do the last time. Booking is a little different from Ireland as UK and Ireland have different deals to other countries. We also have to factor in the cost of traveling to the USA. All in all, its happening this year, this time on a tighter budget – I no longer have the Honeymoon excuse!

So here’ s the outline for this year’s holiday:

– We will go to Florida for 2 weeks

 – Spend some time outside of Disney – Kennedy Space Centre, Universal Studios,  Sea world etc.

 – Rent a car for a few days and Explore

 – Celebrate my OH Birthday while we’re there

I hope to cover things like, choosing dates to go, where to book, where to stay, what discounts are available, how we’re booking other excursions, flights tec. Closer to the date I’ll look at getting our dining reservations (Be Our Guest and Le Cellier here we come!) and getting those fast passes in so we can get the coveted Flight of Passage in Pandora and a few rides on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Hopefully during this series I’ll share some information that will help you fellow Disney Dreamers on your vacation planning.

Talk to you soon!



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