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Christmasaurus Live!

I know Christmas is over, but before we take down our decorations, I wanted to share this. The Friday before Christmas, My Sister and I embarked on a Day trip to London to see the Christmasaurus.


For those who don’t know, the Christmasaurus is a book written by Tom Fletcher and was released last Christmas. This year a musical edition of the book was released which included a CD with songs to go along with the book. This was then turned into a musical show called the Christmasaurus Live and ran from the 20th December to 29th December in the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith. There’s also an animated film in the making!

When we heard the show announcement and who was involved, we just knew we would regret it if we didn’t go. Starring in the Show was the Author Tom Fletcher, his wife Giovanna Fletcher, Carrie Fletcher, Matt Willis and Harry Judd – lots of our favourite people all in one spot. we follow all of them on social media and couldnt pass on seeing them all in one place. We had seen The Addams Family just after my Birthday which Starred Carrie Fletcher and she is so talented it just blew me away!

Our day trip did not go without a hitch. First off all, expenses and closeness to Christmas did mean that flights were purchased later than they should have been. Thankfully our Dad bought us the flights as our Christmas present otherwise we wouldn’t have had the finances to go. We did however miss our morning flight! Completely our fault! we were through security with plenty of time and just forgot you had to go to the gate early (we both had very little sleep the night before). Aer lingus to the rescue! They helped us to find a flight that would get us to London with enough time to make our matinee show – Christmas miracle workers!!

I have had Vertigo for nearly 6 weeks now so my poor sister was more like my minder for the trip, with having to keep me upright and hold on to me on the very steep and very fast moving escalators in the London Underground! With all the craziness, we only managed to make it into London very briefly to look at the Christmas lights. The streets we were on were completely jammed so I doubt we would have stayed much longer even if we had the time!

The show was worth all the cost, struggle and drama to get there. I haven’t smiled so continuously in a very long time. It was funny and very entertaining! Its a cross between a play, a musical, a book reading, a panto, a concert and everything else! Full of surprises, wonderful performances and songs that I’m still singing now 2 weeks later.

If the show is back next year I would recommend people of all ages try to make it to the show – you will not be disappointed!!



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