30 Day Savings Challenge

Saving for the Wedding and then the Honeymoon and then seeing all our savings decrease rapidly as we paid for things is tough. Don’t get me wrong, all the money spent was totally worth it! Not a penny was wasted and the wonderful days we had and the memories we created are truly priceless. Its still tough to see your savings balance decimated.

Then after Honeymoon we started redecorating our living room (still in progress) and then Christmas presents and food… the last few months have been tough on the bank balance.

To kick start 2018 I was looking for a saving challenge that would keep things interesting and by saving a little bit a day would have a nice healthy chunk gathered by end of January. Looking around online I found a few charts / trackers that looked like they would work. I combined two of my favourites and made my own Savings Challenge.

Savings Challenge

How it works:

  • Each day in January I will pick a number from the boxes, cross it off and save that amount in a Jar.
  • I’ll then update the table under the boxes.
    • The Deposit is the amount to be saved that day and then add that to the previous total to have the new Total.

At the end of the 30 days i will have 525 euro saved! This year I would like to finish our Living room, Re-do the Kitchen and make a trip to Disney.

I may be slightly delusional but where there’s a will there’s a way!

Feel free to use the template for your own savings Challenge!

Happy 2018 and best of luck with this or any other goals you’ve set for yourself!


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