Dis-needs: WDW Must Haves

DisNeeds Part 1

Having recently returned from my first trip to Walt Disney World in Florida, I thought I would share some of the useful items I bought in advance which saved us money and made the trip less stressful. These will all be labeled Dis-Needs! After months of research and my OH thinking i was going crazy and packing for some wild month long trek it was great to be prepared for every eventuality!

Here’s my first 3 DisNeeds!

Waterproof Ponchos

We went in September,  literally in between Hurricanes, so not letting a little rain dampen our day was high on my list of priorities. After researching different types of Ponchos I decided to go with these disposable ones. This was so we wouldn’t have to be carrying around a heavy poncho or put a wet poncho in our bags after the rain had subsided. We got great value in getting 9 and luckily only had to use them once. Extra Tip for you: Wear these on the Kali River Rapids even if your partner tells you there’s no point. Trust me – there is!

Portable Fan with Mister

I’m Irish and not used to humidity. Not even a little bit. It rains nearly every day here so there is always moisture in the air but I had never experienced the instant sweat inducing humidity as was the case in Disney. I was just about managing to cope until we went to Animal Kingdom. Here you enter a whole new world of humid fun. These fans were a life saver. Having a little bit of a breeze with the water vapor type mist made it so we could last the day. They sold super cute ones in the parks but hey were big and bulky to carry around. These were compact and rechargeable so we could bring them everyday in our park bags, just in case.

Insect Repellent Wipes

We don’t have any Mosquito in Ireland. At least i don’t think we do! If we do they’re not the angry bitey kind as I’ve never been bitten by anything really (touch wood). Justifiably so I was quite worried about the Mosquitoes having never been to Florida before and especially with the Zika virus warnings. These handy wipes were a must have. They were so convenient and made it so we didnt get bitten. In the parks there were warnings about Zika and the need for the repellent. Until then i wasn’t sure whether i needed them or not as i had not yet been bit but of course that was down to this wipes. We thoroughly wiped our visible skin before going to the parks each morning and again in the evening if heading out and we didn’t have any nasty surprises. I would definitely be purchasing these again!


I’m currently planning a trip next year in November / December. Let me know your top Dis-Needs for your Magical Disney Holidays!




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