The Honeymoon is over

As the title states – the honeymoon is officially over. We got back from the USA on Tuesday, I haven’t really slept since and I was back to work on Wednesday . I’m not a very pleasant person when I’m tried – much like a toddler who’s favourite toy was just stolen and they’re super unhappy about their shadow following them everywhere!

I had planned, before our trip to detail the planning process on here but I was too busy planning to actually do that. Instead I’ll do a retrospective look at the planning process along with my learning, tips and recommendations for Cruising and Disney world. It was my first time doing both of those things so i have learned a lot.

Here was the basic structure of the last few weeks, I’ll go into more detail about each one in future posts -especially Disney. We flew direct from Dublin to Orlando (i have a fear of flying so better doing one flight than multiple) on the Saturday. Stay at an hotel beside the airport that night and head to the cruise port on the Sunday. I ordered a shuttle to take us there in advance so it was a stress free transfer.

The we had a week cruising on the Oasis of the Seas with Royal Caribbean where we visited Labadee – Haiti, Falmouth- Jamaica and Cozumel Mexico. Then I booked a private car to take us from the Port to Disney World.

In Disney, we planned to spend some time in EPCOT on arrival day, and then a full day in each of the parks with a relatively quiet rest day on Friday. Meals were booked in advance as well as the fastpasses for each day.

We had the best time on our honeymoon and hopefully discussing it on here will help the magic last a bit longer. Lack of sleep and coming back to very cold and rainy weather in Ireland is really making sure i know the Honeymoon is well and truly over!


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