Milestones and Lookbacks

Big milestone this week. On Sunday I turned 30. I have difficulties in that, albeit short,  sentence. I still think of myself as maybe 22 – maybe everyone does – and although I’m married and own a house I still wouldn’t consider myself a grown up.

When I was 25 (and prematurely freaking out about that age) I made a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 30. It was supposed to be 30 before 30 but I couldn’t come up with that many things which probably gives some indication of how successful the list was!

Here’s what I had. Those crossed out were actually completed and I’ve noted the completion dates beside each one.

  • Go to Italy September 2015
  • Buy / Build a house  November 2015
  • learn a language to conversational level
  • Run a road race July 2017
  • Go to Scotland
  • Visit every county in Ireland
  • Find a job that i love
  • Learn how to play piano (again)
  • Take up swimming 1 course of lessons- still not great though
  • Get married April 2017
  • Be part of a group Joined Virginia Gospel Choir June 2016
  • Read more books (currently 2 a year, need to increase)
    • Mini goal of at least 20 mins a day
  • Build and maintain a website  August 2014 but now gone
  • Take more pictures & print them July 2017 and ongoing
  • Tap Dance / dance in general
  • Take singing lessons January 2015
  • Lose 10lbs

So that’s a 52% success rate. Not bad, I suppose, but the things on this list still need to be completed. I’ll go through the few I have completed in future posts but I plan on ticking a few more off this list this year!

In true “The Middle” Style, I’ve decided that my birthday celebrations are now year long and that this is The Year of Sue Kellie. It does look to be a pretty Awesome year, which of course includes going Honeymooning on the Caribbean and Disney World. This year its more of a seize the day mentality I’d like to adopt and this seems as good a time as any to start.

Hoping turning 30 may be the kick in the arse that I needed!


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