30 day no heat challenge

For the month of June I decided to do a no heat challenge.

A bit of background – I straighten my hair every day with a GHD straightener. And I’m not very good at it so I probably over do it. My hair has been refusing to grow for at least a year. It actually gets shorter! Seriously! Due to breakages and damage my hair gets shorter. So at this stage I’m willing to try anything to *Let it Grow* I totally sang that Frozen Stylee!

Here’s a week by week review of how it went. This is not going to be easy!

Week 1: Starting June 1st. I do have to admit I cheated a bit at the start. Washed, dried and straightened by hair on the 31st of May so the 1st June wouldn’t cause any issues.

Week 2: I tried those twist bun knot things in my hair while my hair was damp. Nothing good came from that. A night of crappy sleep and then ridiculous hair that went all ways and I couldn’t leave the house with! Luckily I was smart and did it when i didn’t have work the next morning. Close call. Plaits while I sleep or pony tails it is.

Week 3: I think I’ve gotten the hang of this. I’ve been using a hairband while i sleep with slightly damp hair. Its just one of those retro fabric hairbands form the 90s I got in Penneys (Primark) but its working out well (here’s one from amazon for reference). Here’s a link to a how to video that sorted me out! I sleep with a hair net over it so when I’m tossing and turning in my sleep the hairband doesn’t come out. Getting compliments now for my wavy / curly hair (depending on how damp my hair was going in).

Week 4:  I can plait my hair when slightly damp and make it a little wavy if it looks a little too messy in the morning. Or I can even put the hairband on in the morning and my hair is curled by the time I get to work! Why was i straightening my hair every morning???

Verdict: My hair feels healthier and more shiny – already in a month i can notice a difference! I don’t think its grown that much but it hasn’t gotten any shorter!! I’m converted! Think I’ll leave the straightener packed away for a little bit longer.

Apologies for the delay in posting this. Also i had hoped to show before and after pictures, but after multiple selfie attempts, I couldn’t get ones where you could properly see the difference in my hair. In this case a picture did not speak 1000 (or 456) words!


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