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Cars 3 – Review

I had mixed feelings when I heard about a new Cars movie. I, like many others,  disliked Cars 2. It felt like a major money grab without any valid reason / story. I struggle to even remember what happened in it. The fact I have not seen it more than once says something.

Cars 3 is a fantastic return for Lightening McQueen. The story comes full circle as the new younger rookies are coming in and moving up in the ranks. He has to face up to the next generation of racing cars and having to compete in this new race where technology over skill seems to be winning.

I found this movie very entertaining. The story is good and as usual Disney / Pixar convey the emotion of the characters wonderfully. There is a lovely tribute paid to Doc Hudson – The Hudson Hornet through out the film. The flashbacks and references in Cars 3 didn’t feel forced and really informed the story. Paul Newman who was the voice actor for Doc passed away before Cars 2 was released and as such the character didn’t feature in it.

Another thing that came to my attention is how beautiful and realistic the animation is. A few times I had to remind myself that the grass shown inst real, the ripple in the puddle caused by the car passing it inst real. Its amazing how photo realistic the scenes are.

Cars 3 brings the franchise back to form and the Pixar short before the movie was heartwarming and fun too. Well worth a watch!


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