Spider-Man: Homecoming review

This new iteration sees Peter Parker, after his brief outing with the Avengers, waiting for the phone to ring for the next mission. Unfortunately the call doesn’t come so he turns his attention to local crime, helping people with directions, retrieving stolen bikes and track down the suppliers of super alien tech powered weapons.

This felt like a fresh new take on Spider-Man. They captured the lightheartedness and comedy of the character perfectly. I love how it didn’t get bogged down with the origin story – this is the 3rd roll-out for Spider-Man in the last 15 years, i think we all know the deal by now – Bitten by radioactive spider, now has super spider powers. Peter Parker is a lot younger than in the previous adaptions as he is only 15 and in high school. I liked how they showed more of his day to day life, in school with friends and trying to balance the Spider-Man duties with his studies. It makes the character more relatable and reflects how completely crazy his situation is.

Micheal Keaton is perfect in the role of Vulture. I do think the turn from the everyday working class guy to villain was a bit quick, and the effort he was wiling to go to didn’t quite equal his reasoning but he pulled it off. There is just enough Tony Stark / Avengers action to keep it interesting but not too much that it stole the story from Spider-Man.

This was an action packed, funny, relatable and very entertaining movie. I did love Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man and was pretty disappointed when they didn’t continue with it but Tom Hollands take on the character is enthusiastic, fresh and exciting. I hope he gets to wear the suit for the foreseeable future.



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