Fashion Haul June 2017

Inspired and recommended by the amazing Erica aka MissLouie who I’ve recently discovered on YouTube. She has such a great eye for putting things together so here are some things I’ve purchased based on her recommendations, and I few I bought because I couldn’t help myself.

canva collage hm uniqlo jpg

1. Uniqlo Easy Care Silk Touch Short Sleeve Blouse

This is going back unfortunately. I measured myself and ordered using their size guides on the website. I am a bigger busted lady which makes anything with buttons difficult to judge. This blouse was slightly tight around the bust and giant everywhere else.

2. Uniqlo Easy Care Drape Jogger Trousers

These I am definitely keeping. I love the high waist and the overall shape. They are a bit baggy around the crotch area (don’t know the actual term for this bit) but i think the size smaller would be too tight at the waist for me right now. I will purchase in a smaller size (and maybe other colours) when I lose some inches from my waist.

3. H&M Mouse t-shirt

This is another one that was shorter than i thought. I still love it but it needs high waisted shorts / jeans as I shall not be showing off my midriff!!

4. H&M Maxi Dress

This is exactly as it looks on the site. I may need to take up the straps a little bit as its a bit low at the sides but other than that its great.

5. H&M Short Sleeve Jersey Dress

This was the only thing that i was in two minds weather to return. Its heavier than I thought and the marl effect on it seems to be slanty. Think I’ll keep it though as it wasn’t expensive and would be great as a nice cotton dress to through on with a necklace and sandals/ converse.

6. Uniqlo Easy Care Drape Long Jacket

This jacket did not flatter me at all. The colour looks different from the website. I bought it in brown but it looked more blush in the pictures online. As its not fitted, it just makes me look very wide – this is going back.

7. H&M Crepe Blouse

This is shorter than I thought and came very creased but I love the fit of it. Would be nice tucked in or with high wasted jeans. Also works under the fine knit jumper.

8. H&M Fine Knit Jumper

This is a wide jumper with little shape but its so soft and hangs perfectly. This is another one for tucking completely or just a front tuck, otherwise there is zero shape to this jumper.

2 out of 8 to be returned is actually really good for me. Last few buys i returned everything in each buy from boohoo and Asos. I’ll let you know what Uniqlo’s returns process is like when I send back the jacket and the blouse.

Talk soon!


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