Little Golden Book

I’m not a kid – although i am very young at heart. When we go to Disney I have booked quite a few character meals. I’m so looking forward to getting pictures with the characters and their autographs.

On previous trips to Disney Paris, I have only ever gotten Captain Jack Sparrows autograph (I love Pirates!). We were in Disney for 3 days. For a couple of hours every day around the time Jack was supposed to appear at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride i waited outside it asking the poor cast member “When’s Jack gonna be here? When’s Jack gonna be here?” only to have them reply – He’s a pirate, he’ll show when he feels like it!. On the last day of my trip i spotted him in the distance on the way to the ride. I ran with the ability i never knew i had in me to get his autograph and picture. And to be honest he was a little bit rude about the photo – he is a pirate after all.

This trip we will not have that issue. I have a couple (well maybe more than a couple) of character breakfasts and dinners booked during our stay. I’m pretty shy at the best of times and have no idea what I’d actually say to any of these characters! Someone one online recommended using this book for autographs instead of the blank autograph book you’d usually see. (I’ve been looking at so many YouTube videos and websites preparing for this trip that i cant remember who it was 😦 ).  Its also a conversation starter which will totally help me.

i learned from disney

Everything I know I learned from Disney

Its a beautiful book filled with a very uplifting and motivating poem with the backgrounds being scenes from all the Disney classics. The characters you meet can then sign the appropriate page and you’ll have a lovely keepsake forever. I love it! Was so excited when it arrived and cant wait to bring it to Disney!

Any tips for what to bring to Disney to make the trip even more memorable, please let me know!!


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