Disney A to Z

To get me in the swing of writing regularly I’ve decided to do a little A to Z of something I’d have no problem writing about – Disney!! Once a week I’ll have an A to Z Disney post (maybe on Mondays) and just have a bit of a brain dump on the topic for the day. Hopefully something good will come of it. So let’s get started with A!

A – Ariel

A is for Ariel

*image from google

The Little Mermaid has one of the best soundtracks of any Disney movie. Part of your world is a song I used to belt out when I was little with my hairbrush in my bedroom, I did want more (and still do!).  Who can help themselves from singing along when the intro to Under the Sea starts. I got a doorbell this weekend that has the intro as the door chime and I break into song each time it plays! Poor Unfortunate Souls is one of the best villian songs I’ve heard. It’s so sassy and convincing that I nearly switch sides.

There is a reason though why this movie isn’t in my top 5 Disney movies. I don’t like the way Ariel agrees to give up her voice for the chance to get with Eric. Even when I was little that didn’t seem right to me. Giving up your means of expression and her beautiful singing voice to try to beat near impossible odds of making the prince kiss her within three days – not a great example. I suppose it is a teenage rebellion scenario under the sea and we’re not mermaids so would probably never be in the same predicament that poor Ariel found herself in.  Luckily As its a Disney movie *spoiler alert* everything turns out the way it should and they do live Happily Ever After so her sacrifice proves to be worth it. Thank King Triton!

With my little mini rant over I’m gonna go sing some Poor Unfortunate Souls karaoke!!

Talk soon!




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