IKEA Haul February 2018

We’re slowly redecorating each room of our house. In the living/sitting room we have already removed the open fire and fireplace and put in a stove. We put in a new floor and when moving the furniture for the floor, the glass TV stand we had smashed. Cant have our TV and all the various consoles sitting on the floor now so we needed a new stand.

Happily this meant a trip to IKEA. Of course you never go to IKEA and come out with one thing – the TV stand we got isnt even the one we went to get. Heres a few of the items (not all that would take too long) that we got on our visit.

Ikea Haul-1

  1. VÄXBO Collage frame

This we bought to put our wedding pictures in. I originally wanted one big frame with apertures in it but couldn’t find one I really liked. This is perfect and the frames around each individual image aren’t to big and clunky

  1. STOCKHOLM 2017 Coffee Table

I’m still not sure about this one – haven’t even put it together yet. I seen it online and really liked that it was long and narrow and the other ones I liked wouldn’t fit in our space. They only had the larger version on display and it was on a super high shelf that my OH had to lift me up to catch a glimpse of. We bought it anyway. Hopefully it will suit the room.

  1. Ribba frame 10 x 15 Black

These we bought for my OH family. We have a lovely family photo of them that was taken at our wedding and we wanted to give it to them as a present. These simple black frames should be small enough and plain enough to match in with whatever they have already.

  1. TJUSIG Shoe Rack

I have a large amount of shoes. I only wear about 4 pairs of them. Regardless, i needed a neater way to store them. The more frequently worn are currently taking up the last 2 shelves of my bookcase. The less worn are in a bag in my wardrobe. I have lots of runners and converse and had to put them on the floor on top of each other. This at least will take them off the floor. Also, I put this together myself and was a little too proud of myself for doing so. I had never put any IKEA furniture together on my own before!

  1. RIBBA Frame 23 x 23 white

These will hopefully house park maps from Disney World. I brought home some extra maps and want to make a feature of them. I wasn’t sure on whether to get the larger frames or these ones. I settled on these because if they don’t work for this, I’ll find another use for them.

  1. BESTÅ TV Bench with legs

And finally, the item we actually went to IKEA to purchase. As i mentioned, this wasn’t the one I originally wanted. When we got there the one i wanted was a lot bigger than it looked online – I have issues with measurements on line having made huge mistakes estimating size on a number of occasions. This bench was on display in IKEA with no legs and looked perfect for what we needed. We needed space for a sound bar, the Sky box and PS4, and I was thinking the Wii and the XBOX could go in the drawers as they are used less often. Unfortunately it wont work the way I wanted. Its actually a lot sturdier than I thought it would be and the backs of the drawers are fully enclosed. It still looks amazing and really tidies everything up.

So that’s the big things we bought. We also got a citrus squeeze, rubber mallet thingy for beating steaks, felt things for the bottom of furniture, liners for the drawers, Daim minis and some other stuff I cant remember right now.

Have you picked up anything awesome in IKEA lately? Let me know – I forgot to use the voucher I had so I’ll need to make another trip!!




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