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Disney Finds

I’ve been window shopping as of late. I bought Elton John tickets this month, so spending until next pay day, will be minimal!

Here’s some cool Disney things I found online (all links open in new window)

Amazon Disney Villains pjs

1. Disney Villain Ladies Pyjamas

I actually got these as a Christmas present and absolutely love them. They are so comfortable and soft. I have another pair in my Amazon basket waiting to but them for when these start to wear out. I like my pyjamas loose so a size up was perfect.

2. 3 Pack Minnie Mouse Socks

Another Christmas present. I have a thing about socks, always have. I just like them. This set is super cute and i love the stripy pair. They are comfortable and didn’t shrink in the wash / dryer

3. Tinkerbell Mug

This is on my wish list. Its a lovely design, its gold, looks delicate and has one of my favourite quotes on it… what’s not to love?

4. Dalmatian Phone case

I have recently started to like 101 Dalmatians. It was never my favourite as a kid but hearing new covers of the Cruella De Vil song has sparked a new love of it in me. I would buy this, except I am very clumsy and need a more robust case to protect my phone from the eventual tumble!

5. Mickey Appliquéd Sweatshirt

Another one that’s in the basket waiting for Pay Day! This looks extremely comfortable and would be nice with jeans and converse for a casual day.

6. 4 Mini Glasses Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is one of my all time favourite Disney movies. I love the imagery and of course the original story. We actually got engages in the Mad Hatter maze in Disneyland Paris. I need these in my collection.



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