Thats right woodchuck chuckers….

It’s Groundhog Day!!

I have watched Groundhog day at least 400 times in the last couple of years. I watch it most every night going to bed. Its the perfect movie, you can pick it up at any part and continue to watch. Its now come to it that I think I’ve seen this movie more than the people who actually made it! My OH and I casually go through our days humming and dancing to the Pennsylvania Polka, quoting the movie and making very obscure references to it on most days.

In Ireland, Groundhog day isn’t really a thing. If it wasn’t for this movie, I probably would never have known it existed! Actually, the official start of Spring in Ireland is February 1st so its already decided by the 2nd. We go against the rest of Europe and start Spring has already Sprung on the the 1st February. I can’t tell you why!! I guess we “weren’t gonna live by their rules anymore!” Ha!

Will the “Seer of Seers, Prognosticator of Prognosticators”, Groundhog Phil see his shadow and doom those in Pennsylvania to 6 more weeks of winter?? I’ll update this post when i find out!! Eeeeep!


Its happened! At Gobblers Knob this morning Punxsutawney Phil stated in groundhog-ese…. He definitely saw his shadow. 6 more weeks of winter!!

here’s the video evidence


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