Book Review: All That She Can See (Carrie Hope Fletcher)

Cherry has a hidden talent. She can see things other people can’t and decides to use this power for good. She uses her bakery and her wonderful baked goods to bring happiness, contentment or whatever is needed to those around her. People don’t know why they are drawn to her bakery, they just know that they feel better there. Then she meets Chase who could jeopardize all that shes created.

From my Christmasaurus post, you’ll know that I follow the Fletcher family in all that they do. It’s no surprise, that I attended the book signing event for All That She Can See in Dublin as part of my 30th birthday present from my dear sister. This is the actress-turned-author’s third fiction novel. To be honest, I hadn’t read her other books. I had been a bit lazy and wasn’t reading much but the sounds of this story sparked my interest. All That She Can See mixes magic, food and adventure together in a way I could not miss.

I found myself reading chapter after chapter and unable to put it down. Its not an intense thriller but a lovely read that, in the way Cherry made her neighbors feel better with her baking, I felt better while reading this. Towards the end it had a touch of the Maze Runner about it. Overall I enjoyed it and may very well go back to read her other books.

All That She Can See is a magic, heart warming adventure and would make a great addition to a holiday reading list!

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Did you read All That she Can See? Let me know your thoughts!


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