Disney A to Z: B – Belle!

B – Belle (of course, was it ever going to be anything else!)

Ask me what my favourite classic Disney movie is and I will not hesitate. Beauty and the Beast all the way! Its probably not hard to imagine but i liked to read a lot as a kid. I was a little outdoorsy but more into music and dancing than being very sportilly (that’s not a word but I’m going with it) athletic. Belle was the first Disney “Princess” I could relate to. She wasn’t into finding a prince just because he’s a prince, that wasn’t her main driving force. She wanted a life of adventure. She was willing to sacrifice herself for her father, not knowing what would become of her. She wasn’t waiting around to be rescued – she was the one doing the saving!

Obviously – I don’t think she gets the credit she deserves! People focus on the girl falls in love with her captor who also happens to be a weird wildebeest looking thing. When using stories to teach life lessons, one cannot be subtle. The Beast is used to represent the difficulty we face looking passed our exteriors. It’s the theme of it’s whats inside that counts, or “Beauty is found within” as mentioned in the film.

Belle was smart, brave and not willing to wait around for the world to come to her, or her fathers, rescue and (spoiler alert!) ultimately saved the Beast and a house full of cursed objects in the progress!



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