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Tired Dancing Feet

So the wedding has come and gone! I will be sharing some DIY things I did for the wedding that i couldn’t share in advance – didn’t want to spoil any surprises on the day!!

As you see at a lot of weddings these days, we provided a basket of flip flops for our guests to have. We wanted the dance floor full for the whole night so couldn’t have tired dancing feet getting in the way.

Penneys (Primark) had 2 pairs of flip flops for €1.50 one day in January, so needless to say, in the middle of winter, I cleaned them out!

I wanted to fancy the flip flops up a little bit (it is a wedding after all) so created what you see in the below pictures.

Soulmates 2Flopflip basket 1

I bought organza bags from Amazon, the basket came from Heatons, and I made tags to go on each bag. Once i removed all the hangers form the flip flops it was difficult to see the sizes. So I added a tag that showed the size of the flip flops,”Solemates”, and our names on it. I created the tags in Word with 20 per sheet and cut them out using my Super Dooper Multi Tag paper punch.

I made the Meet your Solemates sign and framed it to put in front of the basket so our guests new they were up for grabs!

We got great feedback about them and the best compliment we got was that people didn’t think we did them – they thought the venue supplied them!

There’s links below to some of the items I got on Amazon in case you’d like to try this yourself. I also have the sign listed on Etsy if you’d like to download it to use for yourself!

Organza Bags

Super Dooper Paper Punch

Solemates Sign

Please let me know if you have any thoughts, comments or questions!


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